Sales & Marketing Secrets Podcast

How to Maximize your Marketing Dollars in 2021

Episode Summary

Today we are going over where your marketing budget should go in 2021 and why just calculating lead conversion in and of itself is a bad mistake.

Episode Notes

People are asking where to put their marketing dollars going into 2021, this is a great question. There are many different lead generation platforms and options for marketing: Platform Lead Generation (Zillow,, Social Media Ads, Google PPC. This can become an emotional process to put money out there without having a solid plan. 

I am here to give you reassurance that your marketing budget is going to the right place and give you a step by step process on how many leads you need to generate and what that's going to cost you to get to your transaction goal based on your conversion rate.

I will be going over these 4 important steps:

  1. Looking at your maximum marketing and advertising expense budget
  2. How many leads you can generate for that budget
  3. Projecting how many leads you can turn into clients
  4. Lifetime value of a client

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