Sales & Marketing Secrets Podcast

Problem Solving Secrets of a Billionaire

Episode Summary

We going to be talking about a 3-step process which I am going to breakdown our business to be able to identify problems, quickly eliminate those problems so we can grow and make sure we can be profitable in 2021!

Episode Notes

My journey of putting everything up, leaving my 6 figure job, selling my rental properties, making a sacrifice of not taking a paycheck for over six months in hopes to build my dream of a dynamic real estate brokerage. Which ended up evolving into something much bigger over time, where now we have a broker-to-broker referral program and we have invented our own technology to not only help grow our brokerage, but help other agents too.

Along the way I sought out a process to analyze my business so that I could break down the problems I was having, and how to fix it. I came across this 3-step process at a marketing convention and it has forever changed my business.

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Tools

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