Sales & Marketing Secrets Podcast

The NEW, Pain Free Way to Success

Episode Summary

Things to do 2021 to scale your business profitably, touching on three critical things you need to implement into your business to see great success.

Episode Notes

In 2014 I hired a professional to develop an in-depth business plan because I thought it was the key to my success. When we went to execute this plan we hit a huge roadblock, because as good as this business plan was theoretically, it was not practical and actionable.  We had to create another system, what I have now coined in the industry, a Sales & Marketing Playbook.

This Sales & Marketing Playbook outlines the people, process, and tools that you need in place to convert leads into booked appointments, then it integrates within that plan a content marketing strategy, and a social media publishing plan.

As mentioned in the podcast the link to get your copy of the Sales & Marketing Playbook: