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The Power of Strategic Partnerships

Episode Summary

I have an event coming up next week, where I am bringing 30+ speakers to this event and I had a very aggressive goal to get 1,000+ people to attend this virtual summit. People doubted me but they discounted the Power of Strategic Partnerships. I have been what I call an undercover entrepreneur, I never fully put myself out there or strived to be a social media influencer, I just put my head down and built good businesses and most importantly I have always networked.

Episode Notes

So what does this have to do with Real Estate, the value of strategic partnerships is so powerful. There are so many partners within a Real Estate agents network: plumbers, carpenters, interior designers, attorneys etc. Creating a relationship with these vendors and working with them and within each others network and essentially cross-promote one another. This is key to beginning your strategy to powerful partnerships!

We will have a great segment at this Virtual Summit, you won't want to miss this incredible event with Top Industry Experts.

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