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Your Comfort Zone is Killing You

Episode Summary

The common thread between the top producing agents is that they are extremely good at keeping themselves out of their comfort zones. We get into the real estate profession because we want freedom, but what comes with this freedom is a certain level of being uncomfortable.

Episode Notes

I grew up not having a lot, very poor family. I had to pay for everything outside of my basic needs and it is not because they didn't try or work hard, but my mom left when I was 2 and it was just my dad and he was doing the best that he could. I had to work hard for everything and back then I hated it. Overall, I had a great upbringing, my father taught me work ethic and a lot of great things. One of the biggest things I learned is that if I wanted something, I had to make it happen even if it was so uncomfortable.  So I started up a landscaping business,  that was a great experience for me and I learned how to get uncomfortable at a young age. One of the big things I got out of this experience; if my goals are real it is going to provide an internal drive that is going to help me overcome those feelings of being uncomfortable. It was more uncomfortable for me to NOT hit my goals in my mind than it did to go after them.

In order to become the 1% you must do what the 99% won't!

There are two types of people listening to this podcast,  (1) you are  comfortable because you have been living a certain way and you know to get success you have to get uncomfortable. (2) you have already uncovered the first layer of being uncomfortable and you have already experienced success but now you have some decisions to make, because you don't want to lose what you have made.

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